Bio Papp mat/salat/suppe beger 750ml *krt a 400 stk

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Product no. 61132
EAN-kode 7022333611329
Enhetsvekt i kg 7.5

Deli cup for food and salads that is OXO-biodegradable made from 100% Bamboo.

- 750 ml
- Height: 6 cm
- Diameter: 15 cm

Lids belonging to:

61135 Lid for Bio Papp mat / salad mug 500/750 / 1000ml * 400g

What does it mean that this product is made of Bamboo and is OXO-biodegradable?

This cup is made from 100% bamboo, a renewable product that grows very fast and can grow up to 15 meters in just six months. Bamboo is broken down into nature in the same line as wood.

In order for this cup to be used for warm food etc, the inside is sealed with OXO-degradable plastic so that the box can withstand grease and moisture.

OXO-degradable products decompose within 2-18 months and not immediately because it is designed to give the product a useful life.

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