Hard Floor Micro mopp 50 - U9K ( Kompatibelt med Swep)

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This newly developed U9K "Hard floor" Micromop is based on   "Best in Test" in Renholdsnytt. We have now developed it and made it an even better mop. Now in version 3.0. and compatible with Swep mopframe. Now in version 3.0. · Norway's "Best in Test" mop has become even better.·

Suitable for:
30152 Swep moppeplate 50cm (plast)   (114426)
30153 Swep GULV teleskopskaft


What is so unique with our U9K mopps

U9K Color System
Color coding for easy visually separating the mop to prevent cross contamination
(Yellow = Infection, Red = Wet room and toilets, Green = General areas, Blue = Catering areas)

U9K`e Micro loops
With its small micro loops, the mop loosens easily dirt and stains from the floor, and the mop loops are in and keep dirty and carry it away

U9K Boiling temperature
The mops can be boiled up to 95C

U9K  selection
The mops are available in 60, 50 and 40 cm pocket mats, as well as in 60 and 40 cm light mop

U9K sliding 
With its unique fiber composition, this is a further developed mop that won "Best in Test" in Cleaning. The mops are far below the requirement for maximum fiction.

U9K stain removal pad
With the new sprouting pad stitched into the mop, you remove all stains in an ergonomic and correct way. Place the footer on the top of the mop where the scrub paddle is located underneath the side. Use the foot back and forth to remove the most difficult spots.

U9K on edge cleaning
The edge is made specifically for cleaning the edge between the floor and the wall. Put the mop on the edge to achieve maximum cleaning effect, for example between stairs and steps

U9K absorption ability
With its built-in absorption pad, the mops attract moisture so you avoid moisture and dirt streaks after the mop when you wash. Use the mop longer between each shift

U9K side loops.
The edges of the edges are designed to extract loose surface dust / loops that often accumulate along the edges in a simple way. The covers are synthetic and become like a magnet on the dust.

U9K on spot removal with a zigzag pattern
The unique soaked sack pattern with small scrubbing shovels helps keep the dirt away from the floor even better without dameding the surface of the floor. The mops are probably best on spot suspension according to a test done by the  Technological Institute.

U9K hangs hank
Hank to grab to loosen it from the mop plate, carry it with you or simply to hang the mop up.



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