Freshen-up RTU * fl a 0,75 lt

Enhet Bottle
Antall pk/krt/pall 1-6-552
Product no. 26044
EAN-kode 7022333260442
Enhetsvekt i kg 0.9

Freshen Up is a highly effective, technologically advanced and safe microbial stain remover and odour controller.

  • A truly remarkable product, Freshen up literally "eats" stains and smells.
  • Suitable for removing stains and odours from a massively broad variety of protein based "culprit" substances such as wine, coffee, milk, food, urine, vomit and pet mess to name but a few!
  • It contains safe Bacillus microbes which digest proteins, converting them to CO2 and water, removing the source of the odour or stain.
  • Because it doesn't contain harsh cleaning chemicals, it's safe to use on upholstery and carpets, including wool, as well as hard floors.
  • Even stubborn or old stains can be gently removed with repeated treatments. 
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