Purina RTU "Premium Quality" *fl a 1 lt

Enhet Bottle
Antall pk/krt/pall 1-6-384
Product no. 21064
EAN-kode 4250224503481
Enhetsvekt i kg 1.1

Purina RTU is excellent for use in large kitchens such as the kitchen at home, canteens, butchers and dairies etc. Especially adapted for cleaning heavy dirt, grease and protein from all types of surfaces. Very effective for cleaning extractor fans, on and around countertops and burnt grease in ovens and grills

Purina is also available on a 10 liter jar. see item no. 21063 - Calculated more for floors and walls. can be used in high pressure washers and floor washers.

pH: 13


Rita`s Laundry Service:
"A very good product. Removes solidified fat in the kitchen immediately. "
Svein Gunnersen,
Operations Manager.

Home use:
"I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the products. I have worn over the oven for several years and it diden`t look good. I used the Purina and sprayed easily on the fan. Vips, it was just wiping away fat and dirt, no need to rub at all. I LOOKING FORWARD  TO TEST MORE PRODUCTS. Recommend the products I have used now to all my friends :) Thank you very much! "
Lisbet Karlsen

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