Purina "Premium Quality" *kn a 10 lt

Enhet Bottle
Antall pk/krt/pall 1-1-60
Product no. 21063
EAN-kode 4250224502705
Enhetsvekt i kg 10.45

Fatsolvent alkaline cleaner
Purina 10 lt is excellent for use in large kitchens, canteens, slaughterhouses and dairies 
etc. Especiallyadapted for cleaning heavy dirt, grease, and protein from all types of 
surfaces. Purina 10 lt is designed for floors and walls. Can be used in high pressure 
washers and floor scrubbers. Purina in 10 liters is more concentrated than Purina RTU. 
Purina RTU (21064) in spray bottle is moredesigned for cleaning exhaust fans, on and around countertops and solid burnt grease in
ovens and grills.

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