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Antall pk/krt/pall 1-1-90
Product no. 21055
EAN-kode 4250224500473
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Solex has the amazing feature that it removes dirt, dirt, oil and grease from painted as uncoated floors and the top layer on polish coated floors without damaging the surface or polish. Solex also removes glue for tape, silicone etc. Solex is self neutralizing and thus eliminates time-consuming after-work. Polishing can take place immediately after the floor has been cleaned.


Skedsmo High School:
"Solex was an impressive product. It was effective !. The classroom was from start with Solex and until ready for polish preparation completed in 15-20 minutes, saving about 50% in working hours. A lot of water is needed, after rinsing and watering. Not least, this was very time-saving, a new level of floor treatment. "
Jessica Solli
Housekeeping Manager

Bjerkes Eiendomsservice AS:
"This was a very exciting product that probably is primarily suitable for top shed and floor cleaning. It had the good property that the dirt in the surface was removed without attack on the polish surface. This is of great importance to the floor's condition when it is only necessary to clean the floor surface. "
Jonn-leo Fiskaa
Operations Manager


Rita's Vaskeservice AS
Floor type: Vinyl / light wood imitation
Problem: Glue and mark after driving by elevator.
Solution: Release Solex with low pressure syringe, brushed lightly with
blue pad and finally dried with dry mop.
The floor was new and the customer very pleased.
Solex is a very good product that I can recommend for top scoring.
Svein Gundersen
Rita's Vaskeservice AS

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