Euro Ecoforce "skum" håndsåpe Pearl skumdisp * fl a 1000ml

Enhet Bottle
Antall pk/krt/pall 1-6-0
Product no. 11074
EAN-kode 3378923350302
Enhetsvekt i kg 1.06

Liquid in consistency, a pressure on the dispenser and the soap comes out as foam. One liter of Foam Soap is 3 times as good as liquid hand soap.

One bottle is enough for 2000 doses. Foam soap fits: 31201 Pearl White Foam Dispenser and 31251 Pearl Black Foam Dispenser.



Products are part of our Ecoforce series which is unifying for all types of Eco-labels such as Eu-Flower, Swan labeling, FCS etc.
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